Adding on circuits in your home or business

So what do we mean by add on circuits? These would be circuits that were not included when your home or business was originally constructed. Why weren't they included? Well, at the time of construction the item that you are wanting to add to your home or business was not needed. It's okay though because any of these additions can be taken care of.

Let me give you an example that seems to affect just about everyone at some point in time in their life. You make a decision that you need an air compressor in your garage but realize that not only do you not have a electrical outlet in the spot where you would like to put the air compressor. You also realize that with everything else that you are using in your garage, the compressor would continuously trip the breaker.

Paul has a lot a lifetime experience with this. With 30+ years in the electrical industry and having been a licensed electrical contractor since 1989 Paul is more than able to help you with any electrical outlet or circuit that you need to add to your home or business.

So what is the best way to handle this? That is where calling an electrical contractor or licensed electrician comes into play! These professionals totally understand the concept of load calculations, electrical outlet placement as well as the wiring method required to complete the task. Calling in a professional when this crops up in your life is truly a good idea. Whereas, calling in a handyman to do something of this nature would be like asking a dentist to perform your open heart surgery. They just don't go together.

So when your wife, significant other or you decide that she an additional freezer is needed, or you need a new copier in a new location at your business, or any other items you may be adding give P&C Electric LLC a call at 928-203-6503. Explain the details of what you need and Paul will be able to help you out with it. From design to installation, Paul has you covered.

Call 928.203.6503 today and have your electrical needs taken care of.

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