Solar Energy Contractor

Solar Energy Contractor

November 4, 2017

Solar Energy Contractor

P&C Electric LLC at (928) 203-6503 is here to help you with all of your solar needs. From solar installation to repairs we can help you with your project. Having been in the electrical trade since 1983 P&C Electric brings a lot of experience to your project. Having always been focused on affordable pricing for high quality work our slogan is “Let Us Keep Your Lamp Lit”. Let us help you with your solar project today.

P&C Electric LLC

4470 W Sullivan Buttes Ridge Chino Valley,  Arizona, 86323 US

Phone: 9282036503


  • Monday: 8:00 am 5:00pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am 5:00pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am 5:00pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am 5:00pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am 5:00pm

Accepted payments: Cash, Credit Card, Cheque

Accepted currencies: USD

Paul Pomeroy

Solar Energy Contractor

A valuable Chino Valley electrical contractor can be described as a business owner or simply a organization that offers electrical work. They are also given the task of any work that needs to be built in connection with a specific design along with the upkeep of any electrical systems.

A licensed full service Dewey electrical contractor company in addition updates as well as services electrical panels. Chino Valley Electrical contractors offer regular electric examination and the needed electric repairs plus electric maintenance for those electrical systems that the licensed electrical contractor happens to be responsible for.

A Chino Valley Arizona licensed full service electrical contractor company needs to have the complete licenses plus qualifications needed in the Prescott Arizona licensed full service electrical contractor”s locality, from state to city levels. An Prescott Valley Arizona electrical contractor also needs to employ professionally skilled electricians extremely trained to design, install, maintain and repair residential, commercial and industrial electrical systems.

An Prescott Arizona electrical contractor is mainly responsible for the installation as well as maintenance of electrical systems which incorporates electrical wiring, circuit breaker panels, switches and other electrical services. Electrical contractors might operate in a commercial, residential or industrial location, with widely varying hours as well as working environments, depending upon the employer and their specific job description. A Prescott Arizona electrical contractor may focus on either electrical maintenance or alternatively electrical building and construction as part of their work, though some Chino Valley Arizona electrical contractors could possibly undertake both.

There is stiff competition within this market needless to say the Prescott electrical contractor that promises to offer a lot more for minimum price with an excellent high quality service gets the contract. This is precisely why they need to have a great business sense plus management skills

Regardless of whether you wish to install new lighting within your home or office or perhaps run wires and cables for the whole electrical system of your building, you really need to engage a Dewey electrician. Not merely any specialist, but a completely licensed Prescott Valley electrical contractor who will be capable of install the wires, lighting and various other electric products safely. There are many people today who believe that the electric systems in their office or home are really easy to understand and that you can easily do them personally. While you will be abel to locate DIY books to use that may help you along, it’s usually safer to use a licensed Prescott Valley electrical contractor to do the job.

Dewey AZ electrical contractors receive significant training in preparation for going into the industry and are generally legally required to be licensed dependent upon the regulatory requirements as well as guidelines where they live. Prescott Valley Arizona electrical contractors pay an annual licensing fee, and have to obtain insurances together with the necessary legal documents essential to keep their client safe. Some electricians may very well be working without a license, nevertheless it is completely prohibited to do so.

Inside Prescott Valley AZ electrical contractor: As the name suggests, they are given the task of keeping up electrical systems along with providing all the electrical service demands for commercial, residential and institutional buildings. The principle work of this type of electrical contractor is to provide and also control all the installation, servicing and also design of the system necessary for these types of structures. In addition , they supply all of the lighting and security system installation inside the boundary line which helps in avoiding electrical code violations according to the regulation of government.

A licensed full service Prescott Arizona electrical contractor must not only be able to design, install, maintain as well as repair non commercial, business and also industrial electric systems but in addition remedies in connection with natural disaster preparation, lightning protection and also surge protection. An important part of this solution is actually electrical generator installations.

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